Olivia is a freelance full stack developer. What she prefers is to work with her community of a dozen freelancers, specialized in front, UX design and graphics, in which she has full confidence.

But Olivia realizes that too often she refuses projects that require skills that her community does not have, because she doesn't like to recruit and she doesn't know who to trust. Worse, she and others in her community sometimes find themselves with too little work.

She connected herself to Hubl and invited her community there. They use the chat to communicate, and by connecting to twelve other communities she knows well, she now has access to their mission offers and their profile directories. It allows her to find interesting projects and trusted freelancers with whom to carry them out.

Hubl is open source

The tool

Hubl is a modular online collaborative tool that allows you to install only the features that your community needs:

The network

Each of the modules is interoperable: as desired, they can be connected with those of other communities on Hubl. Each one can thus personalize its interface while multiplying its connections with the rest of the ecosystem.

Thanks to the technology Startin’Blox, based on the principles of Solid, Hubl guarantees that it will not centralize the data of its users so that they can retain control of it.

Illustrated interoperability

Freelance community

Data shared


Our story

Hubl was born out of the Happy Dev adventure : a collective of 600+ independents organized in several local communities in France and England. The Happy Dev model allowed us to understand that communities on a human scale are perfectly suited to work between freelancers because we know each other and we know who to trust.

However, our communities constantly lack human resources and projects, and require access to a larger network to find them.

It is by working on a tool that is adapted to this reality that we created Hubl. Our ambition today is that all freelance communities can benefit from this great network.

The team

Hubl is an open-source project whose number of contributors is growing every day.
Here is an overview of the community behind the tool: